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Statement: First Presidential Debate Shows Stark Differences in Candidate Priorities

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For immediate release


Statement: First Presidential Debate Shows Stark Differences in Candidate Priorities


June 27 marked the first debate in the 2024 election season between President Biden and Former President Donald Trump in Atlanta, Georgia. Community Change Action National Political Director Grecia Lima said:

“The contrasting visions for our country’s future couldn’t be more stark– on one hand you have a President who promises to prioritize ordinary Americans and make their lives easier, and on the other you have a former President who is seeking revenge and to claw back our basic rights and freedoms. For voters, it’s putting food on the table without going into debt, being able to access the healthcare we need without fear, and keeping our loved ones safe that matters most.”

Community Change partner Black Male Initiative Fund (BMIF) held a watch party in Atlanta, Georgia. BMIF Co-founder John Taylor said:

While on the road to 1 million attempts on the doors to talk to Black voters in Georgia, every day we hear about the multiple crises our community is facing–from underemployment to the lack of affordable housing and healthcare to closing hospitals to inadequate investments in our care infrastructure. Access to care is directly linked to the economy and the well-being of our communities because if you have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, you’re losing time with your loved ones. We have to expand the care economy so folks–from kids to the elderly–have access to the care they need and our caregivers aren’t stretched beyond capacity. We are not going to leave any tool on the table for our liberation and voting is one of those tools.”

Community Change partner Michigan Liberation, held a watch party in Detroit, Michigan:

“The issue that stood out to me was immigration,” said Jorge Fernandez, an organizer with Michigan Liberation. “For a candidate to say that we are invading and taking social security is a lie. Everyone like me, who comes to the United States, comes here for opportunity, to be together, and to make a contribution.” Other viewers at the watch party said the issues that mattered to them most were asylum rights for immigrants, tax policy, mental health, and social security.

This cycle, with our partners on the ground, Community Change Action plans to reach 15 million voters and have more than 2 million conversations in six priority states and support ballot initiatives that help us all thrive.


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