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Community Change Action Reacts to President Biden’s Executive Order to Limit Asylum Seekers at the Southern Border

Today, President Biden signed an executive order that will effectively shut off asylum access and automatically deny entrance to migrants, with limited exceptions, once the average number of people encountered daily by CBP between ports of entry exceeds 2,500; the border will only reopen once that number declines to a daily average of 1,500 people. Community Change Action Co-President Lorella Praeli issued the following statement:

“Today’s executive order is the wrong approach to addressing pressures at the border. Closing our doors to people fleeing violence and persecution violates our laws and abandons our country’s tradition of providing refuge. Instead, the President should expand safe and legal pathways for people to come to the U.S. to relieve pressure on our asylum system and recommit to providing asylum to people who need protection from harm. We urge the administration to reverse course.”


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