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Grassroots Organizing

We are an organization of organizers. We bridge the worlds of grassroots organizing and progressive politics to change the systems that impact our communities.

Relational Organizing

Join a Relational Organizing call and build power in your community.

Power Party

Partner Power

Helping grassroots groups to level up and walking alongside them on the path to transformational change.

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Political Power

Bringing the basics of community organizing into electoral strategies that increase participation in democracy.

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5 Organizers in 5 Decades

Telly Award Winning series about the history of organizing.

Fuel The Fight

Support the long arc of organizing



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Annual Report

2022 Annual Report: The Arc of Transformation

Midterm elections, hard-fought victories, new challenges, and the road ahead.

Annual Report

2021 Annual Report: The Power We Carry

We celebrated important policy victories and we grieved our losses, as COVID and systemic racism continued to claim lives and sow hardship among the most vulnerable communities.

Annual Report

2020 Annual Report: Rising With Resilience

We protested. We organized. We voted.