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Economic Freedom

We’re organizing towards a future where all of us, no matter what we look like or where we come from, have the freedom to live full, dignified lives.

Childcare Changemakers

A community powered by parents, providers, and advocates fighting for justice.

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Guaranteed Income

A guaranteed income empowers workers and families with economic security.

Guaranteed Income

Day Without Child Care

Providers closed their doors to show the vital importance of child care.

Day Without Childcare

Economic freedom is the heart of poverty abolition.

Fully realized, economic freedom means that people have the agency and power to make decisions about their lives free from coercion.

The labor market, by itself, cannot provide economic security for all Americans. There will always be people who cannot participate in the paid workforce because of discrimination, disability, dislocation, caregiving responsibilities, recessions, and other conditions. And employment itself is a precarious basis for security as long as employers are determined to use their power to undermine labor standards wherever they can.

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Economic freedom is possible

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