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“Families’ Needs Over Corporate Greed:” 1,065+ Childcare Providers and Parents to Close Their Doors, Call Out for Community Change Action National Day Without Child Care

“Families’ Needs Over Corporate Greed:” 1,065+ Childcare Providers and Parents to Close Their Doors, Call Out for Community Change Action National Day Without Child Care

Thousands more providers, parents, organizer, and allies will participate in over 80 events across 26 states to spotlight the true cost of care and demand a fully-funded childcare system that gives all children the opportunity to thrive

RSVP to a virtual pre-event press conference on May 8 (1ET/10PT) here

Nationwide – Our ongoing childcare crisis has only worsened since the industry hit the federal funding cliff back in September – and another cliff fast approaches with little federal action to cushion the blow. Many childcare providers have been forced to close their doors, reduce spots, or take significant pay cuts and many families have been priced out of or lost access to care.

That’s why, on May 13, hundreds of providers, families, and allies will participate in Community Change Action’s 3rd annual National Day Without Child Care, where over 1,065 childcare providers and parents will close their doors or call out of work for the day alongside thousands of participants in over 80 events across 26 states.

If our leaders don’t step up and legislate a solution to this crisis, we all will pay the price of an underfunded system. On May 13, we pledge to put the spotlight on the true cost of care and demand the funding we need for a 21st century child care system, including:

  • Thriving wages for providers
  • Affordable care for every family
  • A childcare system built on racial and gender equity
  • An expanded, inclusive child tax credit

The Day Without Child Care website will be updated periodically with a full list of actions taking place across the country. Providers, parents, and organizers from New York, Texas, Utah, Ohio, and D.C. will participate in a pre-event press conference on May 8 at 1 ET/10 PT  to talk about their upcoming actions.

BriTanya Brown, a child care owner-provider in Stamford, Texas and Childcare Changemaker with Community Change Action, said this about why she will lead a rally in Austin on May 13: “I show up for my community as one of the only providers in my small Texas town. Because I can provide care at untraditional hours and am one of the only providers for miles, parents can count on me to care for their kids while they work. All I ask is that our leaders show up in the same way for providers so that we can keep our doors open, keep food on the table, and support our own families.”

Audreona Mullens, parent and Director of Regional Organizing with Family Forward Oregon, gave this as the reason she will lead events in Portland and Salem on Day Without Child Care : “After experiencing a traumatic birth and bringing my son, who has cerebral palsy, into the world, I quickly learned how difficult it would be to find care that fits his and our family’s needs. Becoming a mom showed me how little support there is out there for working parents and for families raising children with disabilities. We all deserve access to care that meets our needs, is culturally responsive, and available when we need it most.”

Yessika Magdaleno, a childcare provider of almost 23 years from Garden Grove, California, shared why she’s closing her doors next Monday: “We can’t make it work without more money, bottom line. I’m always told that I should close my doors and try working in a different, more lucrative industry, but I don’t want to do that. I truly believe it was put on my heart by God to be a childcare provider, and to push for better conditions for those who do this work. That’s why I and every provider I know will be showing up and speaking out this Day Without Child Care.”

Dorian Warren, Co-President of Community Change Action, has found renewed purpose in organizing for a better childcare system as he navigates the system as a parent: “I’m a parent who relies on child care to be able to work and provide for my family. Alongside my wife, I have organized the providers, parents, and children at my child’s care center to walk out and participate in a mini march around the building. As parents, we need to stand with early educators because our system is on the brink of collapse. Providers and families’ livelihoods are hanging in the balance. We need a fully-funded, 21-st century childcare system that allows everyone to thrive.”


WHAT: 2024 Day Without Child Care national day of action

WHEN: Monday, May 13, 2024

WHERE: 80+ events planned across 26 states: Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Some highlights include:

  • Washington, DC – SPACEs in Action will stage a day of action, bussing teachers, kids, and advocates from centers closing their doors to D.C.’s City Council Building to conduct lobby visits to restore $70 million for the D.C. Pay Equity Fund and take part in a rally
  • Iron Range, MN – Five of six providers in Minnesota’ Iron Range region will close their doors and travel to St. Paul, where they’ll take part in a press conference and rally
  • Austin, TX – 20 childcare providers will close their doors for the day and head to the state Capitol for a march and community town hall
  • Columbus, Ohio – Hundreds of childcare providers, organizers, and business owners will host a press conference and rally at the State Capitol
  • Portland, Oregon – Childcare advocates will host a Party in the Park, a kid-friendly community event to celebrate childcare providers and organizers working toward a better system
  • Salt Lake City, Utah – 400 providers, parents, and kids will take part in a rally and write letters to their representatives at the Capitol
  • Manhattan, New York – Childcare providers and supporters will march through Manhattan to the the Governor’s office to rally against recent omittance of workforce funds in state budget
  • Madison, Wisconsin – 17 events distributed throughout the state leading up to and on Day without Child Care followed by a large rally on the Capitol steps on May 18
  • Oakland, CA – One hundred childcare provider union members, organizers, and families will rally before leading a press conference at a local childcare center

WHO: Community Change Action Childcare Changemakers and partners, childcare providers, parents, and allies

You can follow along on social media throughout the day at #DayWithoutChildcare for just some of the events taking place and locate an event in your area using our map of actions nationwide.


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